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We understand that gyms are intimidating place and can be confusing. Your one free PT session isn’t enough for you to feel confident with the equipment, the free weights area looks intimidating and you start looking for the quiet spots in the gym.

Will knows this because he has been there, it took him 18 months, 2 different gyms and a lot of research. If he had help from day one, he could have made big progress towards his goals earlier and built the confidence he needed to get in the gym as regularly as he wanted and to do the things he wanted to learn. 

Luckily for you, that’s why we set up Bevis Coaching. The gym will only ever have you and I in there for your session, that means no one watching, no pressure, no waiting for equipment and total focus on you. Whether you are looking to start your health journey, want to work on your goals with expert advise and no one else around or need coaching, motivation and a plan for you managed by me we have you covered.

We both coach, together we focus on you to ensure you have a personal experience in our beautiful gym.

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Stronger, Happier and More Energetic

We will focus on your health, that's a far deeper reach than just how you look. Health is built through body and mind, together we will look at ways to of course build a healthier nutrition plan but also look at stress management, sleeping habits and anything else important to you.

Get in touch today and come visit your new gym for a free consultation. Whats stopping you?



Your Plan, My Help

Health isn't a one size fits all, we have different lifestyle, different responsibilities and different goals. My job is to ensure your plan suits you, that means no two plans are the same, just like no one else is like you. In your consultation we will cover topics and goal setting but as you change and develop, so will your plan. 

Get in touch today and come visit your new gym for a free consultation so I can build your plan today.

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Our hours are there to fit around you, so please get in touch with us for your FREE consultation OR TRIAL!

If you submit a contact form below, please check your junk mail. We aim to respond within 24 hours. 

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